Photo credit: Nicole Aline Legault

I am a self-taught artist who has drawn, painted and embroidered most of my life and have always gotten so much out of it as it is a means to express myself. I often find myself in a flow state when I create which is not something I’ve experienced doing any other kind of work except for when I write and play music. However, like a lot of people, I treated my artistic pursuits as a hobby and didn’t really think that I could or even should try to take it more seriously. Through many hours of creative exploration, deliberation and support and encouragement from close friends and fellow artists, I now find myself pursuing my lifelong dream of being an artist/creative entrepreneur.

My work is inspired by the beauty and complexity of the natural world, botanicals, geometry and everyday objects. My love for nature, my background in natural science along with my experiences and impressions traveling, and navigating everyday life have informed my aesthetic. Watercolor is my chosen medium because I love its immediacy of expression through color, texture and brush strokes.

I enjoy painting and sketching still lifes, as well as working from photos and designing patterns. I create and offer fresh original watercolor art, art prints and stationery to add vibrancy and joy to your life and home.

I’m glad you’ve joined me on this creative journey, it’s guaranteed to be a fun one!

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Much love and creativity!