New Awesome Product Releases & Motherhood here I come!

I’m about a week away from my official due date!!!

This stirs up a lot of feelings and thoughts, naturally. I’m feeling so incredibly excited that I’ll soon be meeting my son but because there are oh-so many unknown variables with respect to how I’ll fare as a mother and how this will change my life, especially my creative practice, I’m feeling a teensy bit (UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT!)… well, nervous and anxious.

Since there’s no knowing these unknowables, I’ve decided to make a pledge to myself to try to always secure my oxygen mask first as they instruct to do in planes in case of an emergency. That is to say, I pledge to always give priority to my well-being and passions as I enter into motherhood.

I realize that this can come across as a seemingly selfish or even neglectful pact for a parent or caretaker to commit to, but I firmly believe that we all need to fill our own cups first in order to be nurturing, loving and kind parents, partners and friends. In other words, doing so enables us to be the best versions of ourselves.

This doesn’t mean binge-watching your favourite new Netflix show while devouring a bag of Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips before tending to your baby’s feeding and diaper change, but rather that you make a point of consistently carving out time for the things that enhance your well-being and enliven you. In my case, those things are my art and music practices and regular outings with friends.

I think this practice also serves as good modelling for our kids as they get grow up seeing their parent engaging in their passions and what brings them joy rather than leading a life of drudgery dictated by “supposed-tos” and “shoulds.”

Enough on that, here’s a pic of our nursery! Eeee!!

On a related note, not only have I created a human, I’ve also created new work! I have a number of new art prints available as digital prints in my Etsy shop (Note: You get one of these prints FREE when you sign up for my newsletter!) AND… I have all sorts of awesome goodies available on Society6! We’re talking framed art prints, pillows, iPhone cases, tote bags, and even clocks with my watercolour art on them!!!

While motherhood will imply a bit of a dip in activity for at least the first couple of months, rest assured I will be creating new time lapse videos, sharing updates and releasing new blog posts monthly. So stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter (simply scroll down to the bottom of the page) and you’ll get one of my new digital art prints for instant download and printing when you do!!!

Love and light,



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